For Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11:

Foreword by Tom Kean, Chairman of the Independent 9/11 Commission

with an introduction by the Author

“The only widely available oral history of 9/11 from the perspective of New Yorkers, this monumental work (originally released by Revolution in 2004) has been updated for the sixth anniversary of the national tragedy. In the weeks following the World Trade Center attack, DiMarco, in the tradition of Studs Terkel, wandered Manhattan collecting the stories of Gothamites who survived the collapse of the towers, came to help or simply bore witness-whether from elsewhere in the city, across the country or overseas . . . DiMarco’s contribution to the memory of that horrific day is enormous; the testimonies collected here form an amazing, one-of-a-kind account.”

STAR REVIEW from Publishers Weekly

 “Arguably the most successful attempt at capturing the enormity of the events of 9/11, Damon DiMarco’s sprawling oral history runs a wide gamut of testimony from survivors, responders, witnesses and people whose lives were forever altered by the attacks. The human stories are presented with a raw candor a thousand times more affecting than any cold statistic offered by a commission. The most recent, expanded edition includes follow-up interviews with some of the individuals initially profiled, providing updates on their lives and their ongoing struggles to come to terms with the events of a decade ago. “Tower Stories” is a riveting and disarmingly emotional read.”

NBC’s The Today Show, Books from the article “Five must-read books about 9/11 and its legacy” by Alex Smith and Rick Schindler

“. . . heart-breaking reminiscences by New Yorkers who survived the attack and then endured a decade of denial, doubt, and rebuilding.”

The New York Times, from the article “Stories of 9/11 and its Aftermath” by Sam Roberts

 “. . .unique, a multitude of firsthand experiences preserved as few other 9/11 books have done. This second edition is expanded with many more photographs and with updates about a number of the witnesses interviewed. Recommended for all public and undergraduate libraries.”

Margaret Heilbrun for Library Journal

“While the events of that day were tragic, inspirational reading experience. Most people experienced the terrorist attacks from a safe distance. Like me, many witnessed the events unfold on television. This book not only puts human faces with the events but also gives a glimpse into the rich culture of New Yorkers. While many of the contributors are obviously still struggling to come to grips with the events of that day, they are survivors, and for that reason, they have earned my admiration. Their stories need to be told and preserved as part of the historical record, and DiMarco does this in a compelling fashion.”

Journal of Folklore Research

“I hope this book remains in print for a very long time to come, because everyone should read it. Our children should read it. With regard to 9/11, we-as a people-cannot allow a myth to take root. We must ground ourselves in our pain if we have any hope of moving forward. And move forward we must.”

Thomas Kean, Chairman, 9/11 Commission (From the Foreword of Tower Stories)

“This book defends the understanding, as also the horror, of that day. We are indebted to Mr. DiMarco for the effort and for the editorial acuity.”

William F. Buckley, Jr.